The best way to explore the Greek Islands is with a yacht, and although there are thousands of boats sailing around the Greek Seas every summer, they are only available for charter to qualified sailors. A few years ago we decided to organize sailing cruises around the Greek Islands for people who love the sea and traveling, just like us, but who cannot or prefer not to sail a yacht by themselves. After searching for quite a while for the right boat we found sailing yacht Alexandros, a big and luxurious yacht, and so our company Anko Yachting Ltd. was created in 2004.

We sailed around the Greek seas for 5 years with Alexandros and became very well known, but in the winter of 2010 we decided it was time to upgrade to something bigger and more spacious, so we bought the 56 feet sailing yacht Velos. As we were very attached to Alexandros and in the same time it would be a pity to sell her as she had been maintained in immaculate condition, we decided to keep her for those cruises when a group is bigger than 8 people (so a second yacht is needed), or when your preferred dates have already been booked on Velos.

The plan was to hire a professional crew just for the occasional week that a second yacht would be needed. To our pleasant surprise, there has been so much interest in our crewed yacht charter, that from 2013 Alexandros is operating full time with a permanent professional crew onboard. Both the captain and the hostess were carefully selected and trained by us and of course Alicia's famous lunches are served onboard Alexandros as well!

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We are a couple (Thanos and Alicia) with a great love for the sea, for the peaceful easy-going life of the islands and we really enjoy sharing this world with you. For us this is our profession, but it is also a way of life, as we spend most of the year onboard our bigger yacht Velos.

Our base is at the small village of Rio on the north-west coast of the Peloponnese (mainland Greece), but as we spend many months from March until November living on the yacht and sailing around the islands, Velos is practically our home and our office as well.

anko yachting about us 2Thanks to the telecommunications equipment that we have onboard, we check our email a few times per day and your availability enquiries or emails are answered usually within a few hours.

The majority of our guests are people who were originally looking for hotel or villa accommodation on one of the islands, or a holiday on a cruise liner, but when they heard about our Greek Island cruises they liked the idea of visiting a different bay for a swim every afternoon and staying at a different village every night.



We take care of all the little details related to your trip, from the smooth running of the yacht to organizing your transfers from/to the airport , as well as giving you all the information about airlines that we have available from our last years' guests. The only thing you will need to take care of, is booking your flights and making your way from your house to the airport.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed and easy-going holiday for you, where you will feel at home onboard Velos or Alexandros, you will taste some of Alicia's delicious homemade dishes and you will enjoy the fresh home grown vegetables, fruits and olive oil that Thanos' father sends us every week.

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For more information about us, please visit The Crew page.

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