Below you can read the comments and reviews that our guests have entered in our guest books. Until 2007 we were only including the ones in English, but from 2008 you will find them in various languages. There have been some quite artistic ones with nice drawings, which unfortunately we could not copy here, but as you will notice, there have been some poets on our yachts as well!!!

Just click on the guestbooks below and enjoy...



Guestbook Velos 2018Guestbook Alexandros 2017





Guestbook Velos 2017Guestbook Alexandros 2017





Guestbook Velos 2016Guestbook Alexandros 2016





Guestbook Alexandros 2015





Guestbook Velos 2014Guestbook Alexandros 2014





Guestbook Velos 2013Guestbook Alexandros 2013





Guestbook Velos 2012





Guestbook Velos 2011





Guestbook Velos 2010





Guestbook Alexandros 2009





Guestbook Alexandros 2008





Guestbook Alexandros 2007





Guestbook Alexandros 2006





Guestbook Alexandros 2005





Guestbook Alexandros 2004

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