CycladesThe Cyclades and the Dodecanese! Two very attractive island groups which are however difficult to visit on a one week cruise starting and finishing in Athens, because of the long distances involved.

It is doable of course, but does it make sense to spend long days at sea and have just a little time to visit the islands before sunset? The answer is no!
We tried it a few years ago and it just doesn’t make sense! The only way to visit them is by having a 2 week cruise, but this isn’t suitable for many of our guests, either because they can’t take so much time off work or because their holiday would become too expensive.

The solution?
They’re just so picturesque that they are really worth a visit!!! After many requests we decided to plan for 2014 a long cruise starting in Athens on the 20th of April, cruising through the Cyclades and the Dodecanese and finishing back in Athens on the 1st of June. The cruise is broken in 6 legs and you can join/leave the yacht at one of the islands. The 6 one-way cruises are the following:

20-27 of April 2014: Cyclades (one way cruise Athens to Mikonos)
sample itinerary: Athens-Kithnos-Serifos-Sifnos-Paros-Naxos-Mikonos

27 of April – 4 of May 2014: Cyclades & Dodecanese (one way cruise Mikonos to Kos)
sample itinerary: Mikonos-Ikaria-Samos-Patmos-Leros-Kalimnos-Kos

4-11 of May 2014: Dodecanese (one way cruise Kos to Rhodes)
sample itinerary: Kos-Kalimnos-Nisiros-Tilos-Chalki-Simi-Rhodes
11-18 of May 2014: Dodecanese & Cyclades (one way cruise Rhodes to Ios)
sample itinerary: Rhodes-Simi-Chalki-Tilos-Astipalia-Anafi-Ios
18-25 of May 2014: Cyclades (round trip Ios to Ios)
sample itinerary: Ios-Folegandros-Sifnos-Serifos-Syros-Mikonos-Naxos-Ios
25 of May – 1 of June 2014: Cyclades (one way cruise Ios to Athens)
sample itinerary: Ios-Naxos-Paros-Mikonos-Syros-Kithnos-Athens

How can you get to the yacht?

For a start you would need to fly to Athens. From there it’s very easy as all those islands have good connections by ferry or plane. If you are coming from Europe, you probably could also find direct charter flights to the islands of Mikonos, Kos, Rhodes and Santorini (from here you get the local ferry to Ios).

You can join either of our yachts (Velos or Alexandros) as they will both be cruising together. Please check for availability by clicking on the relevant link at the left menu and we're looking forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have and to sail with you this summer :)

Best Regards,
Thanos and Alicia

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